Soy be gone! (wait why are you still here?)

Published January 18, 2014 by Jennie

So I recently decided to change my relationship with food.  I soon realized that this is way easier said than done.  Apparently many of the foods I enjoy are created to kill people (I’m kidding but it does feel this way).  Even foods that are labeled with healthy buzzwords such as organic, 100% ___, no GMOs, natural, enriched, (I could go on forever) can be bad.  How am I ever going to figure all of this out?  My plan now is to focus on incremental changes I can actually live with.  After much research, I decided that my first goal is to avoid soy.  I picked this goal after learning that soy can be potentially problematic for fertility which is something I have struggled with for a long time.  It also sounded like an easy goal (I figured I am not a big soy eater so I should be able to avoid it).  As I read the labels of foods I eat I soon learned that soy creeps up almost everywhere (often as soybean oil).  I did notice that sometimes it is organic and sometimes it is not.  Right now I really do not know much about organic food or how it is regulated but I plan to look at this later of course.  I am starting to feel like going to the grocery store is similar to going on a treasure hunt.  There are good things out there but they tend to be hidden.  I will be sure to share the ‘treasures’ I find.  I appreciate all comments, tips, and words of encouragement!

6 comments on “Soy be gone! (wait why are you still here?)

  • I’ve read your last couple of posts from when I started following your blog, but decided to start at the beginning this morning. Food and making myself workout are things I struggle with big time!! Like you, all the foods I love aren’t so healthy…ok, to be honest, most of them are probably the opposite of healthy. Or if they are healthy, then I want to add cheese and sour cream to them and ruin the healthiness of it, lol.


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