Published February 8, 2014 by Jennie


As you can see by my blog title, after four years, I am still classified as having unexplained infertility.  To see how I got to this point, I just updated my story on my homepage.  For me, being unexplained is extremely frustrating.  It is difficult to address a problem when you do not know the cause of it.  There are so many things a woman can do to fight infertility.  It is impossible to do them all.  I can not strategically select my course of action because I do not know what I need to address.  It also complicates IVF.  During my consultation, my RE went over chances of success for couples based on their condition.  They do have a category for unexplained but I feel that it is misleading.  Unexplained does not mean that nothing is wrong.  It just means that they have not identified the problem.  Couples in this category likely have different causes of infertility.  I can not expect to have the same outcome as another couple just because we are both classified as unexplained.  This might sound strange to people battling identified causes of infertility.  I know any type of infertility diagnosis is devistating and I would never wish that on anyone.  My heart goes out to any couple dealing with infertility (regardless of the cause).  I just wish someone could solve my mystery.  

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  • I have PCOS and my friend who has been fighting for infertility for over 7 years is “unexplained”. Just recently a holistic doctor (I don’t know what you call them) tested her hormone levels and one is not balanced and that seems to be the majority of the problem…? Either way, she is frustrated like you so I know how you feel. I’m sooo sorry! She always just reminds herself that doctors don’t know everything, but God does and He can fix what is broken. Praying for you girl!! Let God fix what is broken…He can and will do it 🙂



  • You made the term “unexplained infertility” so much clearer to me. I hope you’ll be able to pin point what keeps you from becoming pregnant. I know it could be a million things or a combination of things and I can understand your frustration. I’m sorry you have to experience this and I hope you will come closer to solving your problem very soon! Hugs!


  • I am in the same boat as you, after being “diagnosed” with pcos i changed alot in my life and then bam I was pregnant & them bam i wasn’t. I’ve had 4 RPL and they can’t figure out why 😦


    • I can not even begin to understand how awful that is. No one deserves to go through that kind of hell. If you do not mind, can you share the changes you made? I really hope that all of this comes to an end for you soon. It is time for your dream to come true.


      • Thank you. Its tough because when you see people who are trying to get pregnant its like all i can think is like ive gotten a BFP 4 times in the past 16 months and don’t get past about 6-7 weeks 😦 But i keep faith and just pray : ) Hoping that one day that lil bean will stick for us!

        I changed every aspect of my eating – No more bad carbs like rice, potatoes, bread ( I don’t even eat any bread at all). I have cut out any sugar products, which is the hardest because pretty much everything these days have sugar. Including sugar alcohol, which alot of ppl don’t look into when it says “Sugar Free” It really isn’t. I stick to natural sugar from fruit only. I do splurge sometimes and have a unsweet tea and add artificial <– Not good! I also started out in the gym and have come down about 6 pants sizes and still going. We no longer eat outside of our house because I can't control what goes into my food. Unless we go to a hibachi grill and I can custom order my chicken : ) Lol. These changes didn't happen over night, it took a while to get the "Cravings" out of my system and many times I gave into the small wantings but I knew if i didnt I would never be able to change. : ) It hope this helps. If you make changed update me on how its going.


  • I have endometriosis and PCOS but I have still had the “unexplained” label thrown my way.. Until recently. This new RE that I’m seeing tested me for Natural Killer (NK) Cells. Google them in relation to IVF. Not all REs test for this but apparently if you have them, you’ll never get pregnant unless they are treated. They are good on a day to day basis as people that have them get sick less often, it’s less severe, etc. Not good when it comes to reproduction. They essentially see the embryo implanting as a foreign invader and kill it! It’s treated with a couple infusions of intralipids.. Anyways, I think that it’s really interesting. Don’t know your detailed history but it may be worth requesting labs for? Good luck with everything! 🙂


    • Wow I have never heard about this. I am going to look in to it. I have always believed that unexplained does not simply mean I am trying too hard (or whatever people want to say) but that there is something wrong not yet identified.


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