2|14 SOS

Published February 10, 2014 by Jennie

I am not sure where all the time has gone but apparently Valentine’s Day is coming up.  I guess that dealing with infertility, school anxiety (I think I am starting to get dissertation panic attacks), and a renewed focus on health, I stopped keeping track of time.  Anyways, the reason for this post is I wanted to see if anyone has good suggestions for what I can do for Valentine’s Day.  My DH has been nothing short of wonderful this year and I want to show him how much I appreciate it.  To give you a brief background, we have been together for my entire adult life (since high school).  We have had some great times and some really crappy times.  We have also done a lot of growing up together.  Two years ago, he supported my decision to pursue my doctorate even though that meant quitting my job and us losing some income (I was a teacher so I guess that part was not too major).  He also works his ass off to support me.   Right now is his busy season and his hours are insane (which is why IVF will not happen for a few more months).  Even though he is super busy, he makes time for me.  Last week he was out of town on business and drove two and a half hours home at night to surprise me.  I know he was exhausted but he did not show it.  I am sure our infertility situation stresses him out but he focuses more on supporting me than getting support for himself (I wish he was a little more open but I understand his motivations).  It is also awesome to know that after 13 years, he still finds me sexy and smart.  He still hits on me a lot and although pretend to find it annoying, I secretly love it!

My DH has simple tastes.  He is more of a steak and beer than wine and cheese kind of guy.  I really want to do something nice for him although I know too much would overwhelm him.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate it. xoxoxo

11 comments on “2|14 SOS

  • Oh I so wish I could help out, but I haven’t thought of much yet. I don’t even know how to show my husband how thankful I am really. I’m not sure.. I was thinking about hiding cards (and numbering them) in his work bag and car and then texting him to open a card every so often throughout the day with something I’m thankful for. I’m also making him chocolate covered animal crackers because those are his favorite, but I’ve got nothing else. I’m so happy you have such an amazing husband. It truly makes all the difference in this.


  • Sounds like you have a keeper 😉 Hubby and I don’t do Valentine’s Day as we think every day of the year is special with each other. What does your hubby like to do most when he’s got the time? Mine for example appreciates it when I don’t interrupt him when he’s reading stuff online as he likes to be focused. Men are so tricky to do something nice for ’cause they don’t always let you know how they feel and what they like or dislike. It’s usually the simple things they appreciate. Sorry that I can’t help you more on this. Good luck!


    • Yeah my hubbie has simple tastes and it can be difficult to think of things he may like. He does enjoy quiet time where he can catch up on reading or mindless internet browsing. One thing I am thinking of doing is making some type of decadent food I normally would not approve of him eating. His work hours are crazy which does not leave much time for him to go shopping and he has been begging me to get him some swiss cake rolls. Maybe I could cut him some slack and let him have a judgement free junk food weekend 🙂


      • Perfect! I bet he would love that! That’s what I meant by simple, but since I don’t know your husband it was hard to suggest something. Great idea! You could have like a basket (or a box since he’s a dude 😉 ) full with his favorite junk food…you gotta post about that though…you might help out some other ladies with that!


  • My husband is also awesome and has been great throughout this whole infertility issue. Last year, I made a shirt with a big heart on it with his name in the middle and wore it on Valentines Day. I bought all the stuff at a craft store. I plan to wear it again, this year. 🙂 It was real easy, and cheesy, but showed/proclaimed that he’s mine and I love him. I think he liked it. I also made a card from scratch one year – clipped words out of magazines and newspapers and all that jazz. It was time consuming, but homemade is always better.


    • Omg that may be the best idea I have ever heard. My husband would go nuts! He loves beer and thinks I am strange for never drinking it (in my whole like I have had exactly one single bottle of beer in 2003 and hated it). He would be thrilled for me just buying some. I am definitely doing this (if not this v day some day soon!).


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