There’s No Crying in the Pharmacy!

Published May 6, 2014 by Jennie


Today we started IUI #3 (third time’s the charm right?).  I do not expect it to work but I also do not expect it not to work if that makes sense.  This one may be a little better for a few reasons.

* I finished all my coursework for my doctoral program (as of yesterday).  My main focus now of course is my dissertation but at least I do not have to try to schedule this IUI around classes.

* We have infertility coverage now (as opposed to when we did the first two IUIs).  This may make things a little stressful.

My initial appointment went well.  Although I know it is necessary, it always feels like a kick in the stomach when they make me take a pregnancy test.  As with IUI#2, I will take 5mg of Letrozole on days 3-7 and trigger with Ovidrel.

I went to the pharmacy to fill the Letrozole.  After waiting about 30 minutes, I asked them if there were any problems.  They said that my insurance company needed preauthorization which can take a few days.  Apparently, they do not understand that fertility drugs need to be taken on specific days and I did not have the luxury of being able to wait a few days.  I called my doctor’s office and they told me I should just pay out of pocket.

In reality, this should not have been that big of a deal.  We paid for the first two out of pocket.  Also, the medicine is not terribly expensive (it is under $100 without insurance).  Even so, for some reason, I started to feel hopeless in the middle of the drug store.  I think it was because I was already running into problems and it is only day 1 of this treatment.  I imagine my facial expression resembled something like this…



For the most part, I manage infertility well.  I usually do not let it get me down.  Today was not one of those days.  My eyes started to water up as I texted my husband to let him know what is going on.  This is how he responded.



This may not feel like a big deal but it reminded me of something I often forget.  My husband is incredibly loving and supportive but for some reason, I sometimes see infertility as my battle.  This is no fault of his at all.  I think it is because my body is made partially to bear children and it does not work hence it is my fault.  This text reminded me that we face all struggles together.  Also, he always has my back.  We are a team.  I may be unlucky at fertility but I am exceptionally lucky when it comes to love.


42 comments on “There’s No Crying in the Pharmacy!

  • Aunt Janet says “Graham is a keeper!” Good luck sweetie. I have a feeling it may take IVF, but in the meantime I have my fingers crossed.


  • First: congrats on finishing all of your coursework!!! That is a huge huge accomplishment. I felt like after I did that it was so much easier! Second: love the text from hubby! So sweet. He is right everything will work out.


  • One of my first rounds on Clomid, the RE wasn’t 100% sure what my dosage would be, so she started me at 50mg and put several refills on the Rx. So when they upped my dosage a few days later and I called in my refill so I had enough pills, the pharmacy refused to fill it, because they said it was like a whole new Rx. I had to go straight up hysterical infertile on their asses, and they finally gave me my pills. Sometimes it’s just too much on top of everything else!


    • It is always the little things that get me. I think it is easier than dealing with the bigger problems. I am so sorry you had to go postal on them but the idea of it is a little funny. Don’t mess with a woman while she is in fertility treatments!


      • I was literally screaming at them, “What do you think I’m gonna do with them?! Sell them on the black market?! GIVE ME MY PIIIILLLLLLS!”

        I had to switch pharmacies for the next cycle.


  • I had problems the first time I filled letrozole as well. Once it was all figured out, a 5 day supply was only $5. Getting the insurance company on board has to be my favorite part of fertility treatment. Good luck with IUI #3!!

    P.S. I read in a previous post that you are studying at UNCC, so I’m guessing you are in the Charlotte area. I’m in Charlotte too 🙂


    • Dealing with insurance drives me crazy. It feels like they make simple things as difficult as possible. That is so cool you are in Charlotte as well! I am at UNC Charlotte which people here call UNC. That is strange for me because I did my undergraduate work at UNC Chapel Hill and that is what I think of when people say UNC. Oh well 🙂


  • Good luck with your IUI #3! Glad your hubby is so sweet, he definitely is a keeper. I think we could do a top ten list of the places we have cried over infertility that we felt were humiliating or inappropriate. It just goes with the territory. Hang in there and baby dust for third times a charm 🙂


  • insurance… bah. always a bump somewhere. with my coverage i pay out of pocket then submit the claim online. can you see if you have that option as well? good luck. third time IS a charm. thinking of you.


  • I’m the same way. I’m really tough & I’ve handled IF really strong but some times you just don’t have a fight left in you, even if just for a moment.
    And I’m with you, I have always viewed it as my issue and it’s actually not just my issue.
    Hang in there xo


  • I’m also on IUI #3! It gets simultaneously easier and harder. Easier to have all of the nurses, doctors, techs, and pharmacists look at me with sad eyes. Easier to put on the brave face. Harder to have to explain, again, yes- I HAVE used this medication before. Harder to hear the sorrys and new plans and talk of “next cycle”….. I’m hopeful that 3rd time is a charm for us both!


  • I know compared to most, My Husband and I are new to the infertility game, but it is a pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. We don’t know what our next move will be, but it’s comforting to know that there’s someone else to talk to. Thank you. Our issue is no sperm count whatsoever. They are going to run more tests, but our doctor didn’t come across as confident in a positive outcome.


  • thanks for popping by my blog… bless your heart, what a journey you are on. I am about 14 years past that stage in my journey (emergency hysterectomy at 24) but I so remember… Insurance stuff sucks… be graceful with yourself, even though two dimensionally it seems like something maybe shouldn’t overwhelm us, this stuff runs deep- as you know.


  • I have been SO weepy on Letrozole – often out of frustration, but sometimes for nothing at all (OMG they forgot my salsa again! how am I supposed to eat my breakfast burrito??) Good luck to you on this round! I didn’t get my IUI because my clinic sucks 😦


    • I’m so sorry your clinic sucks. We have one about 5 miles away but go to one that is 40 miles away because the one close to us sucks. This time Letrozole has not been too bad but I feel more emotional and tired than normal. Maybe I am just going insane lol!


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