62 Friends on Facebook

Published May 28, 2014 by Jennie

Facebook bum


Today I am officially halfway through the 2WW!  During this cycle (and all my previous cycles), I have been overwhelmed by the love and support I have received from my friends, family members, and fellow bloggers.  Even little things like checking on me to see how I feel or if there is anything they can do to help means so much to me.  I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful support system.

One of the more difficult things I have had to learn while dealing with infertility is that sometimes I need to be selfish when choosing who to maintain relationships with and who to let go.  Just because someone is a good person and I like them does not mean I need to keep them in my life.  When I first created my blog, I wrote a post about my struggles with Facebook.  I decided to keep my connections with my actual friends and family members only.

It does not mean I dislike the people I am no longer connected with on Facebook.  It means that just because I have met someone in the past, I do not have to keep up with their life.  It also does not mean that I end our connection once someone is expecting.  Pregnancy announcements are always hard for me.  I would rather reserve them for people I care about so my love for them can help me overcome my jealously.

I am still very happy that I chose to change things up on my Facebook page.  It is now a wonderful tool I can use to keep up with people I care about (minus the clutter!).  I also really enjoy keeping up with my blog and my fellow bloggers.  When I started it, I did not expect to relate with people I have never met as much as I do.  Sometimes I read posts from other bloggers and I feel like I could have written the same exact thing.  While I would never wish infertility on no one, it is nice to know that my experiences and reactions to it are not an anomaly.

I believe that infertility is extremely difficult to truly understand until someone actually goes through it.  I am so thankful I have a place to share my struggles, successes, and sometimes just vent.  I have also learned many great tips and tricks for getting through this from other bloggers.  I hope that I have been able to provide some support and encouragement for someone else at least once.

Also, for some reason, I do not feel the pang of jealously when other bloggers announce a pregnancy (well maybe for a short period of time but it really does dissipate).  I think it may because I identify with their struggle.  I know how infertility can overrun someone’s life and I filled with joy when one more person no longer has to deal with it.  The other reason I am happy is selfish.  If something worked for someone else, then it could maybe work for me.  It gives me hope.  I do not know if this cycle worked but either way, I am confident I have the support and resources needed to manage the outcome.

I usually have more pictures so I figured I would post one of my dogs for fun.



Have a great day everyone! – Jennie


20 comments on “62 Friends on Facebook

  • I decluttered FB recently too. It was getting toxic. I was spending too much time checking in to see what people I don’t even really know were doing, and not being present in own life. FB is great, but is also addictive and unproductive if it gets a hold on you! Xx


  • I also took the step to delete my account. I said it was temporary, but I don’t know. I’ve been reading more, focused on the now. My husband said: “You’ve been more *here* since you dropped off.” I may deactivate!

    Good luck this cycle! 🙂


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