It’s Not Normal For Me

Published July 10, 2014 by Jennie

The last few weeks have been very rough.  I have had lots of doctor’s appointments and while I feel that they are well intentioned, my doctors often do not actually take the time to listen to me and figure out what is going on.  Sometimes I feel like I get better support and direction from other people dealing with the same issues so I figured I would share my situation.

A few weeks ago I developed an extremely bad sinus infection.  I have had them before but not like that.  I went to my GP for antibiotics which I got. She also thought I may have some type of secondary infection (I do not know why) so they took some blood.  Coincidently, I was scheduled to have my annual labs the next week.  I had not eaten anything that day so they went ahead and drew extra blood to conduct those tests.  Every year I get a comprehensive screening which includes but is not limited to the following: TSH and T4 FREE (thyroid levels and functioning), full lipid panel, comprehensive metabolic panel (lots of stuff), and eGFR (kidneys).  It turns out I did not have any type of secondary infection and all my labs were perfect.  I asked my GP for a prescription for Diflucan just in case my antibiotic led to a yeast infection (sorry TMI).  That day we also decided I would wean myself off Zoloft since I finally feel that I am at a place to manage my anxiety without medication.

A week goes by and things are great.  AF is scheduled for July 1st but does not come.  My cycles are typically regular.  They may vary by 1 to 3 days but rarely more.  A few day after I unfortunately felt the need to take the Diflucan.  It did not help.  Later, I took an OTC treatment which also did not work.  I have gotten an infection before but it responded quickly to treatment.

On July 8, AF still had not come so I took a HPT (Clearblue).  It is negative.  It was actually the only HPT I have ever taken because I had previously decided to never test until a week had gone by and that had never happened before.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I scheduled an appointment with my GP to try to figure out what is going on.  I asked her about my infection and all she said is that sometimes you have to treat them a few times before they get better.  She gave me more Diflucan but if it did not work before, I am not sure why it would work now.  I also have maintained a good diet and drink lots of plain water (that is actually all I drink) so I am pretty sure that it is not the result of a bad diet (sometimes eating extra sugars or foods with yeast can make them worse).  On top of the medications, I had been also taking probiotics and eating lots of plain yogurt.

My GP gave me a HCG urine test which came back negative.  My test for an infection came back positive as expected. At least I know for sure that is what it is. I asked her what could cause a late or possibly missed period and she rattled off a bunch of situations that do not apply to me.  My hormones are not off as indicated my comprehensive labs I took two weeks ago.  I have not had any additional types of stress.  It cannot be from going off Zoloft because I started that over a week after I would have ovulated.  I did gain a little weight from my IUI in June but it did not make me overweight and I am working on slowly getting it back off in a healthy way.  I do exercise but it is not excessive and I alternate cardio with other things like Yoga and Pilates.  I still have no answers.  I probably should have asked more questions but my goal was to get out of there without crying which I barely did.

I am really upset because we had finally made a commitment to start the IVF process in August.  It took me a long time to get to that point of commitment but I am ready.  I called my RE and told her what is going on.  She said that women who struggle with infertility can often have issues with being late and skipping cycles.  That may be true but it is not normal for me!  I have been charting my cycles for over four years so I know what is and is not normal.  She wants me to start a medication that will induce a period but does want me to take a blood test for pregnancy first (that did not happen with my GP).  At this point right now, I have accepted I am not pregnant and I am ok with that.  I just do not understand what is going on.  Also, since I am all of a sudden having problems, does this mean I should not start IVF in August?  If all of this indicates a problem that could impact the chance of IVF working, I would like to address it and fix it.  To do that, I need to know what is going on.  I hate this.


23 comments on “It’s Not Normal For Me

  • Our bodies do such strange things when we have infections. I am glad that you have been persistent about going to the doctor and taking care of yourself. I am very sorry that you don’t have many answers. As far as the yeast infection goes, I don’t think that’s abnormal. I’ve had some before that took a bit longer to treat. I hope you get your period soon! ❤

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  • I never ever had irregular periods, until the last 6 months or so. I guess when I could have began to get more infertile.. I can usually be late by a few days, I’ve hit a record of a week. Sometimes on time, I think even a day early.. I am still able to go for IVF. For my CRM for a short protocol they go by day 1 or long protocol day 21 and you call then on day 1 after that. Hoping you feel better soon. I contest to have sinus problems and the latest they’ve prescribed me is a sinus spray and cetrizine to try for a while.. They said it’s okay to use when TTC.. I also am prone to yeast infections so am currently on 6 months worth of pessaries at 1 a week, which is pretty frustrating but seems to be helping..


      • I am sorry you have also had problems but I am so glad you are willing to share. Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world dealing with these kinds of things. Also, you are so right. The more I worry, the more likely things are to go wrong.


  • Aww I am so sorry! That is really frustrating. Doctors I feel like can believe they know it all. While they do have an MD sometimes I want to tell them I have a MD in knowing my body! I hope AF shows up soon.


  • ugh this sounds so frustrating. Maybe it is just a fluke and this is the only cycle that is going to be whacky….? Keep being persistent when it comes to your health. We are our only advocates sometimes. xo


  • I’m sorry you have this going on and are not being heard by your Dr.’s. I know how frustrating it is when you can’t get them to realize that you know your body better than they do. I hope the infection clears up…that’s just as if not more annoying then the Dr.’s not listening. Praying it all works out and you will be able to continue with your plan of IVF in August.


  • Sorry to hear things are not going well. I’ve finally figured out after 70 years that doctors are only people. Sometimes they get things figured out and sometimes not. It can be extremely frustrating. Rest uo. You’ll figure it out!


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement! I really think that doctors have their patients’ best interest at heart. I just wish that they would spend a little more time going over things with me than making blanket conclusions. I know they are super busy and there are a lot of other factors out of their control but it is still frustrating.


  • I hope that things have moved along now? One of the most frustrating experiences for me with infertility has been when doctors don’t listen. I know they have medical education, but I live in this body every day. I know every normal and abnormal thing it does. And because of the infertility challenges, I am hyper aware of tracking and documenting everything. Sometimes it feels like if they would just listen more, maybe we would have an answer. But, I also know that sometimes the answer I want to hear just doesn’t exist. *hugs*


    • Thank you so much for the followup! I finally started 10 days late. I have no explanation which is hard but I am moving on. If I am on time next month, I will feel ok. If not, I will amp up my efforts to figure things out It may push back IVF a month. I am supposed to start in August but I am ok with starting a month later. If my hormones went nuts, hopefully they will get back on track. One day I will have all of this figured out 🙂


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