IVF Hunger Games

Published October 2, 2014 by Jennie

This whole IVF thing sometimes reminds me of the Hunger Games. You start with a certain number of follicles. At each ‘stage’ you lose some and it is hard to predict how many you will have left at the end. Last week, I posted the following numbers after our first retrieval:

– 17 Follicles
– 12 retrieved
– 10 matured
– 7 fertilized (we did ICSI on all of them)
– out of the 7, 6 looked really good

Here is how things ended up.
– All 7 made it to 5 day blastocyst
– Four were strong enough for a biopsy and freezing

I currently have four precious little frozen blastocysts just waiting to implant themselves in my tummy. The next step for them is PGS (they have to wait a few months for that though). My RE thinks that most of the abnormal ones are probably gone (this is a benefit of waiting 5 days to freeze). He predicts that 3 will be normal. So far, he has been right on the mark with everything and I have a lot of faith in him.

Once AF starts, I will call my RE and we will figure out the earliest time we can start retrieval #2. Hopefully, my body will be ready sooner rather than later. Genesis genetics is closed for a few weeks starting on December 20th which could impact me. After genetic testing on my two cycles, we will then FINALLY be able to do a transfer!

I am elated with our results so far. I have mentioned many times that our infertility is unexplained. Sometimes couples who are unexplained become explained after the retrieval process. Age is not considered a big factor for me (I am 31) so that is not really considered. I am so happy that I now know I am able to produce eggs which are able to mature, fertilize and make it to a 5 day blastocyst! I know it is possible that all of them are genetically abnormal (which could be the cause of our infertility) but I am trying to stay positive.

For now, I am going to enjoy the break from injections, doctors appointments, side effects, worrying, etc. I am also going to keep up my fertility diet, but I am going to cut myself a little slack. I look forward to enjoying a cocktail (or two) which will be my first one since well before we started this cycle. I am also going to eat some Italian food full of delicious carbs and I am not going to feel one bit bad about it. – Jennie

29 comments on “IVF Hunger Games

    • Yeah it won’t be fun but part of me is doing it to get them out of the way.Best case scenario is all this works and some day in the future we would want to do it again. I do not think I could make myself do it all later on.


    • You made me laugh a bit with that one! Yes in the IVF world 5 day blasts are great. In the rest of the world, they have no idea what I am talking about! Sometimes I feel like all this infertility stuff has taught me a second language 🙂


  • Haha, if we don’t laugh we’ll cry right? 😉 Yeah so true, I would never have understood half of this lingo if it wasn’t for IVF! I guess that’s a positive we can take out of it. I wonder how good it will look on a resume? ‘Multilingualism in English and IVF English’ haha

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