Round Two!

Published October 24, 2014 by Jennie



Today we got the green light to start our second retrieval! This comes exactly four weeks after our first one which resulted in 4 frozen five day old blastocysts. I am very happy with how our first retrieval went and hopefully the second one will go just as well. My meds have been ordered and should show up tomorrow. If not, it’s not a big deal because I have enough Lupron left over to keep me going for a while.

It is very likely that this will be my very last retrieval ever. That makes me happy and a little nervous. I am happy because once we get through this and PGS, we can do a transfer. The thought of all of this this crazy stuff actually working is so exciting! On the other hand, we could be getting closer to the realization that we will never have children. I am still diagnosed as unexplained even after a retrieval which is strange. I expected something to show up. That being said, we may figure out what the problem is when we complete PGS. I am so scared that all my eggs are abnormal. My RE does not think that is the case since my eggs were able to make it to day 5 (they are also all AAs or ABs) but I still worry. At some point they have to figure out what is wrong. I guess I will just have to wait to see what happens.

This week we also got interesting news that may change our game plan a bit. Starting in 2015, our insurance is expanding our infertility coverage.  They are adding 10K to treatments and 7500 to meds. If all our transfers from our two retrievals do not work, we could use this extra money for another retrieval and use a surrogate (assuming my eggs are genetically normal).

I do not know why our insurance company made this change, but it may be a response to Apple and Facebook offering 20K to freeze eggs. I have mixed feelings about this. Part of me thinks it is good because it may lead other companies to offer infertility benefits to women who need it. On the other hand, I worry that it paints an unrealistic picture of egg freezing and IVF. The process is not painless, risk-free, or even guaranteed. I am not sure I would want to do all of this if it was not a medical necessity for me to have biological children. If women decide to freeze their eggs to delay parenthood, I hope they are made well aware of the risks and potential complications. I also hope they are not bullied into delaying motherhood so they can work.

Part of me feels a little guilty that my already awesome insurance is getting even better when many people have zero benefits. It drives me nuts that many insurance companies do not cover infertility. It is like they are saying that infertility is not a medical problem. You should not have to fork up thousands of dollars for the chance to have a baby. It makes me angry every time I read about someone who has to wait years and save just to try IVF.

While I am a little nervous to go through everything again, I know I am lucky to have the opportunity. I also feel more at ease now that I know what to expect. I am ready to get this party started! – Jennie


19 comments on “Round Two!

  • I’m so happy that you are progressing through the process. I have finally started with a date scheduled in November!!. I am also very fortunate with having an insurance that covers ivf/infertility treatments. Thinking about you and your journey. My fingers are crossed for you. I hope you get the family you deserve. Xo


  • Great post Jennie 🙂 I read the Apple and Facebook offer for to freeze egg too.. You are very lucky because you’ve got insurance coverage for your treatment. Hubby and me need to save a huge amount just to prepare ourselves for ivf. Previously, we had spent quite a huge amount for traditional chinese medicine too, but still no luck. So far, from what I know, there’s no insurance in Malaysia is providing coverage for infertility treatment. This is very sad, right?

    Pray and hope your Round Two goes smoothly 🙂 I can feel the excitement for your too 🙂


    • I wish IF insurance coverage was mandatory just like it is for most medical issues. It drives me nuts. I know we are lucky but I know that IF is hard enough as it is and getting coverage should not be an additional barrier.


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