I’m so hot!

Published November 3, 2014 by Jennie


Today is day 10 of Lupron. Overall it is not that bad. Like last time, it gave me a nasty headache but only for the first few days. Now, the only thing I am dealing with are hot flashes. They do not happen often but when they do, they can be intense! When we gave out candy for Halloween, we stayed outside since we have so many trick or treaters. It was cold outside but for part of it, I was so hot I just wanted to strip down to my tank top.

I had an appointment with my RE today and I have to wait a bit longer to start stims. My RE said my ovaries are not completely calmed down from our last retrieval. Hopefully I will be ready to start this weekend. I would love to be done with this retrieval by Thanksgiving.

Today I got something awesome in the mail! I participated in the TTC mug exchange 2014 organized by Chelsea at Starbucks, Peace, and the Pursuit of a Baby. Thank you so much Kim for my awesome goodies! You outdid yourself 🙂

IMG_2449 (2)

I also received a wonderful handwritten card. It is crazy how I can identify so much with someone I have never met! Everyone experiences infertility differently but I am always amazed at how well other TTCers relate to my struggles. I am very lucky to have supportive friends in my day to day life but it is so nice to talk to people who really get it.

I hope everyone has a great week. I know of lots of bloggers ending the 2WW in the next few days and I hope to hear good news from them soon.

– xoxox Jennie

9 comments on “I’m so hot!

  • Yay! I love that this package made you happy!! So the purpose of this exchange and it looks like the package was filled with great things. Love the “big hugs” mug!!! Prayers for you girl! Xo!!!


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