Adventures in Stims

Published November 14, 2014 by Jennie



If you are unfamiliar with my story, we decided to complete 2 retrievals in a row before we start genetic testing (I’m not crazy I think). We completed our first retrieval in September and today marks day 7 of stims for retrieval 2. I figured the retrievals would be the same since we are doing the same exact thing. By now I should know that with infertility and IVF, I should expect the unexpected.

During this round, I have felt more bloated and worn down. I am also gaining weight faster. Today I found out the reason. I am responding more this time. In our first retrieval, we started with 16 follicles which ultimately led to 4 day 5 frosties. I was ecstatic with those results. Today I found out that we have 29 follicles. They are all very similar in size (between 10 and 12.5mm). My RE is always quick to remind me that higher numbers are not always better. What really matters is whether eggs are actually growing in the follicles and how good those eggs are.

Even so, she (and I) are really happy with these results. My numbers are not too high to where she is worried that I am over-responding. Also, we are preemptively decreasing the likelihood of OHSS being an issue by having a freeze all cycle. I know that all women are different but for me, I am so glad we decided to skip a fresh transfer. I feel like it makes things so much easier and I am glad I will have a chance to recover before we do a transfer (assuming PGS shows I have some normal eggs). It does add extra wait time but at this point I have been waiting for 5 years so what’s a few more months?

It looks like our retrieval will happen on Wednesday or Thursday. Assuming all this works out, this could mean that I am close to being done with retrievals forever! I decided at the beginning of all this that I would do two retrievals and if nothing comes from that then we would look at other ways to expand our family.

Today I tried to estimate the number of shots I have given myself in the last 3 months (it’s a lot). They are not too bad but it will be nice when I do not have to do it anymore. I do get a kick out of my husband’s face when he is around while I am giving myself my shots. He things the Follistim pen looks awful but that is actually the one I feel the least (I also take Lupron and HCG). I may have milked this process a bit to get a little extra TLC from him 🙂 He has been super supportive which makes things so much better.

I have been keeping up with other blogs and it looks like I have a lot of IVF cycle buddies. Best of luck to everyone!- xoxox Jennie


22 comments on “Adventures in Stims

  • so good to hear your response is even better!! considering you are doing the testing, I always think the more you have to test the better. Plus, it’s more bang for the buck (testing is NOT cheap). Good luck for your upcoming retrieval and future FET!!!


    • You are so right. Testing is EXPENSIVE! That is why we decided to do two retrievals and get them all tested at once. People get confused when I tell them we are on our second retrieval and have not done a transfer yet. Hopefully this crazy plan will work out 🙂


    • Hey Alicia. One of the main reasons we decided to to two retrievals is because we are doing PGS. It costs the same for 1 up to 8 blastocysts (we got 4 from retrieval 1). My infertility is unexplained so I worry that my problem is chromosomal abnormalities and I wanted to have as many frosties to test as possible. Our insurance pays for 2 retrievals so that is what we went with.Basically I was worried I would have them tested after 1 retrieval and have them all abnormal. Then we would have had to pay the entire cost of testing again to do the same thing with a second round.

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  • Wow! What a great result. Here’s hoping this translates into lots of healthy embies for freezing. I admire how relaxed you seem about all this. It is like you have made all the decisions and now you just follow the plan and what will be will be. I need some of whatever you are having!


    • Hey Emily 🙂 I think I am relaxed because after almost 5 years, I have an infertility plan. I want this to work but if it does not, I will be at peace because I gave it my best shot. Either way, I am ready to leave infertility purgatory.

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  • Hey Emily 🙂 I think I am relaxed because after almost 5 years, I have an infertility plan. I want this to work but if it does not, I will be at peace because I gave it my best shot. Either way, I am ready to leave infertility purgatory.


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