A Nice Problem To Have

Published November 25, 2014 by Jennie


Today we found out we have a pleasantly unexpected extra cost. Here is what happened:
Last week we did retrieval two. Thirteen fertilized via ICSI. My RE called us today and told me that all 13 made it to day five blastocyst. Two of them are BBs, two are AB or BA, and the rest are AAs.

This is a different outcome than retrieval one which ended up with 4 blastocysts. We figured we would have 4 from retrieval 2 which would give us a total of 8. Genesis Genetics charges the same fee for up to 8 which is why we did two retrievals before testing.

We decided to biopsy all blastocysts from this retrieval except the 2 BBs. They were just frozen. The remaining 11 have been sent to Genesis. We nowย have a grand total of 15 ready for genetic testing.

Genesis charges $250 extra for each test over 8. That does not sound too bad but we now are paying that fee 7 times for a total extra cost of $1,750. ย Please know I am NOT complaining. I just did not expect this. I am really happy but right now I think I am a bit overwhelmed.

We could have decided to biopsy fewer ones from this cycle. Why did we not go that route? I do not want to sound over-dramatic but we have been fighting this unidentified monster called unexplained infertility for 5 years now. It has been really hard. I am tired. At this point, we are going to take advantage of all options to end this fight. Testing them all maximizes the number of eggs we have available to transfer. If we are not pregnant after all of this, we are done.

I also find it interesting how my 2 retrievals ended with such different numbers. We followed the same exact protocol including theย same course of meds. It does not make any sense.

Also, I can officially say I am done with retrievals FOREVER!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving ๐Ÿ™‚


– Jennie

* http://ivf.org/treatments/ivf/more-information-on-ivf/ (also hyperlinked).

41 comments on “A Nice Problem To Have

  • Ah, that is so exciting! It’s amazing that all 13 made it to day 5! Truly. I’m glad you will be able to send so many for testing. Your two different retrieval outcome stories give me hope. I’m on day 3 today after a retrieval and I just got the call from the embryologist that I have 5 embryos still going, but she thinks only 2 will still make it to blast stage and transfer. So I hope those 2 are still good on day 5 and that they implant and I never have to go through retrieval again — but if I do, I hope my second outcome is more like yours!


    • I sincerely hope that this one will stick for you. I have read lots of people’s blogs and it happens all the time with few eggs. If you did have to do another retrieval, it seems like people get more the second time. I do not know why. Maybe your body knows what to do the second time around? Fingers crossed for you!


  • That’s so so so amazing!!! You’ve given me a big ol’ injection of HOPE for my second ER tomorrow! I can’t suggest anything because I would also be at a total loss at that point. I think I’d probably do them all, so if I ever decided to have a brood I could. It all comes down to what you’re comfortable in letting go of I guess. Sorry I can’t be of help! CONGRATS on having this hard decision to make though! So exciting!


  • I must say, that’s a very welcome unexpected extra cost. We’re doing testing with RGI and they also charge $250 per embryo over 8. I’m confident you’ll get some good ones to transfer. Good luck with the next steps! do you know how long your wait is to get the results back?


    • That is exciting to hear you are also testing! I am not completely sure when we will get the results back. It will probably take a little extra time due to the holidays. I expect though we will get them within a week. I know they have the ability to process it super fast for fresh transfers but we are not doing that. Best of luck to you as well!


    • It is really strange. We followed the same exact protocol. Both cycles were preceded by birth control and I took Lupron to shut things down before stims. My RE is very conservative and did not start stims until by body was absolutely ready. During cycle 2 I was on stims for 1 day less than cycle 1 but I would not think that would make a difference. All my medications stayed exactly the same as well as the dosage. I was less stressed during cycle 2 since I knew what to expect but that also should not make much of a difference. Food and nutrition wise, I was actually probably less careful during cycle 2. It goes to show how this whole process is out of our control which sometimes drives me crazy. If I knew what to do to get 13 frosties, I would have just done that the first time!


  • holy shit – all 13 made it to five day?!?!?!?! Super woman! OMG….I could only wish!!!!! Look at you go LOL

    Fingers crossed! The cost is always going to stop you in your tracks. I mean that’s ontop of all the IVF costs – it all adds up. So I totally get it.

    You are most certainly done for ever…wow!


  • Hi Jennie. I thought I would give you an update on how our IVF cycle went. I had 12 eggs retrieved and 6 that were fertilized (4 icsi and 2 ivf). They transfered one of each as they were rated above average. I found out yesterday that neither of them took.
    My husband and I had discussed our feelings for both outcomes, but I don’t think either of us truly expected it not to work. They still have no idea what the “problem” is, and that is the most frustrating. As I follow your blog, I hope that you and your husband do not have to go through what we are experiencing now. I hope that everyone that wants a baby, can have one. Meanwhile, we are going to enjoy being parents to our fur kids, and try to figure out the next steps of our lives.

    Best of luck to you, and to everyone that follows you. Baby dust to all.


    • Hey Jane
      I am so sorry to hear that. I knew you were starting around June (or at least that is what I remember). If you do not mind me asking, did you do fresh or frozen? Also, I know you said you got 6 and transferred 2. Are the other four frozen? I simply hate this for you. It should not be like this.
      I hope our transfer works but sometimes it feels like a shot in the dark. If my eggs pass PGS, I am not sure what other tests they can do to identify the problem. With all this technology they have, at this point we both should have some answers.


      • The other 4 didn’t make it to a blastocyst stage, so there was nothing to freeze. We did a fresh cycle. The past few days have been quite difficult. But i’m filling my calendar with things to look forward to, and as long as the hubby and I are together, we are strong. Best of luck. I hope you find answers and ultimately a babe.


  • Interesting information about Chromosome testing. Just wondering if you had your B12 levels checked? B12 deficiency is linked to temporary infertility. I am trying to find if B12 is linked to unexplained infertility mystery.


    • Hi yes I have had my B12 levels checked. I actually get them checked every year and it was part of our testing before IVF. I wish that was what is wrong because that is a problem that is relatively easy to fix!


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