Embryo 3

Published February 27, 2015 by Jennie

Blastocyst (2)

On Wednesday we had our very first (and hopefully only) single blastocyst transfer. Our RE first showed us our PGS results for each embryo which was kind of cool. We had 2 normal ones from retrieval #1 and 5 normal ones from retrieval #2.  Most of our abnormal ones had some type of trisomy which is three copies of a chromosome instead of two. Each embryo is numbered and we got #3 which is a boy from retrieval #1. This may sound strange but I wanted to know which retrieval he was from so I could know exactly when we made him.

The picture of him was taken after he defrosted and started hatching. It is SO hard to not get attached already. They also let us take home his tube that he was frozen in. I know this is thinking ahead but if he does work out, it would be cool to show him where he came from when he gets older :).

FullSizeRender (1)

He is a grade A although my RE said that there is little difference between a grade A and B embryo (a C, however, is problematic).

I asked my RE if I needed to limit my activity after the transfer. He said no. He actually said I could go shovel snow after the transfer if I wanted to. I have done some research and science seems to back this claim up (here is a link to a recent study). If anyone is interested, 2 other studies also find that under normal conditions, bed rest is not necessary. Kucuk (2013) actually suggests it may be harmful:

Li, B., Zhou, H., & Li, W. (April 01, 2011). Bed rest after embryo transfer. European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 155, 2, 125-128.
Kucuk, M. (April 01, 2013). Bed rest after embryo transfer: is it harmful?. European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 167, 2, 123-126.

I completely understand that there are different situations and it is important for people to follow their RE’s directions. Even so, I feel better knowing that scientific research backs up my RE’s protocol. My RE is very science based. He is ok with me doing other things that are supposed to help (like eating pineapple and Brazil nuts) but he says that if it is going to implant, it will implant and there is not much I can do to influence what happens. I think that is the hardest part. It makes me feel helpless.

The transfer itself took about 10 minutes. It was not painful but was uncomfortable. I had to completely fill my bladder first and they pushed down (not too hard) on my stomach to get a good image and check placement. Did other people have to do this first? Afterwards, I rested about 5 minutes and then walked out which felt a little strange. We had lunch and chilled out for the rest of the day. Even though I am cleared for normal activity (minus sex) I am going to take it easy which basically means I am going to avoid the gym for awhile.

That evening, they cancelled my class for the next day because we were supposed to get 4-8 inches of snow. We ended up only getting about half an inch but since they already cancelled class, I didn’t have to teach! I am sure that my students were devastated that they did not get to take Microeconomic Theory at 8AM 🙂 I actually slept in until about 11AM which I rarely do. I think that now that the procedure is complete, I can relax a bit which is nice.

Since I transferred a 5 day blastocyst, implantation would have happened 12 to 24 hours after transfer. I really wanted to see some implantation bleeding but that did not happen. Al I had was mild cramping which lasted about a day.

This coming week is spring break. I am going to Asheville to hang out for a few days. I am so glad I am going to have a distraction because I think I would go crazy sitting at home by myself all day.

My RE waits 10 days after a day 5 blastocyst transfer for the Beta test. Unfortunately that falls on a Saturday so I get to wait 2 more days (yay!). At least that gives me a few extra days to think I am pregnant as long as AF does not show up. Here’s to hoping the time passes quickly! – Jennie




36 comments on “Embryo 3

  • I’m so excited for you! My RE believes in activity after transfers too, thinks it keeps the blood flowing to the uterus and such much better than bed rest. And yes, I had to pee so badly during both my transfers that I feared I was going to pee on the doctor! I’ll be praying for you!


  • Pretty amazing stuff hey? DH and I went for a nice long walk after we got home from ours. Totally agree on getting the blood flowing bit. So if you have to wait 2 extra days for beta, that means we’re testing on the same day, March 9 🙂 Sending you prayers!


  • Yay for your first transfer! I had mild cramping after mine with pink discharge, not really blood. Hopefully the cramping is a good sign! Are you going to resist the temptation to take a hpt before your beta? Praying for you!! Oh, and have fun in Asheville. If you’re looking for a good dinner spot, I highly recommend the black bird 🙂


    • Hey I am actually not going to POAS. For some reason, I have no desire to test early. If it happens, it happens. Also, I have actually been to Black Bird and it is amazing! There are so many great places to go in Asheville and it is so hard to choose!

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    • Thanks so much. I know that statistically, I was likely to not have bleeding even if I am pregnant but it would be so nice to see some type of small sign. I am normally a rational person but IVF bring out the crazy in me sometimes 🙂 I can’t decide if I want to be excited about things or prepare myself for it not working.

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  • My clinic also does not believe in limited activity, and they make you get right up after the transfer is over – and my baby is living proof that it works!! Also cramping is a super good sign, even without bleeding. Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!


  • Yay! Such an exciting time! As for the transfer, no I didn’t have to fill my bladder for mine but I think it depends on the method used by your Dr. My Dr chooses to do an internal ultrasound at the same time as transfer so that he can see placement so you don’t need a full bladder for that but I do know that some Drs at my clinic use the method that you had. I am crossing everything for you that this goes well. Thinking of you. x


  • I was really interested to hear about the activity. I took it relatively easy but still walked around Ikea 😉 and did a spot of shopping. Then I had to pick up Molly and there is no resting with a 2.5 year old – sheesh!! The only thing I do – which sounds kind of gross is that I tend to have really hot showers so I had a good shower on transfer day and I am trying not to shower until tomorrow. I have this fear that I am overheating my body. I ate my pineapple yesterday and I had an acupuncturist tell me a glass of red wine is very good to have after transfer so of course I had to have that! Good luck! You are almost halfway there 🙂


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