The Best Sound I’ve Ever Heard

Published March 27, 2015 by Jennie

Today we had our first obstetrics and ultrasound appointment. Up until now, the only symptom I have had is a doubling beta. I have had no fatigue, nausea, breast tenderness, etc. I do not feel pregnant at all. Our appointment was scheduled for 11AM. Usually my RE is right on time. Today, however, they had some unexpected issue with another patient and were running about 40 minutes behind.

Once my RE started the ultrasound, the room was silent for what felt like forever (although it was only a few seconds). Then I heard our baby’s heartbeat loud and clear. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and listened to the best sound I have ever heard. I then looked over at my husband. He was a little misty eyed which was really sweet.

Our baby looks like a tiny blob but he is there. He is measuring at about 1/3rd of an inch which is exactly where he is supposed to be. I know that other people have described the heartbeat sound as a swooshing. Mine sounding exactly like a heartbeat. I had a transvaginal ultrasound so maybe that makes a difference.

My RE did some baby math and told me I am 7 weeks along today. I had already figured that out using an online IVF calculator. Our due date is November 13th. I know most people do not deliver on their due date but I think it is kind of funny that our expected date is a Friday the 13th.

We still have a long way to go. Even so, I am starting to accept the fact that things might finally be going as planned. It is possible that by the end of this year I will be holding our sweet baby boy in my arms. – Jennie

43 comments on “The Best Sound I’ve Ever Heard

  • Such wonderful happy news. After reading some bad news elsewhere I am so happy to come here and read this. Yay! The swooshing is def more present when you use a doppler. I think it is the placenta that makes that sound come through (from memory). I could totally be talking out of my arse here though. Was so long ago! But yay! So fun!


  • Congratulations!! We are about the same amount of time along in pregnancy and due around the same time except at this moment we have twins! I am guessing that means it’ll be earlier. It was so neat hearing their heartbeats but at the same time it’s hard to completely enjoy because you just hope it continues 🙂 I’m excited to follow your journey!


    • That’s so cool. I’ve been looking for somebody that’s about as far along as me. We know for sure ours is just one because we only transferred one embryo. I look forward to following your journey as well. It can definitely be nerve-racking at times!


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