Nothing is happening over here

Published April 3, 2015 by Jennie

So today I am 8 weeks. I still have absolutely zero symptoms to report which I feel is very strange. If I had not seen my baby and heard his little heart beat a week ago, I would not believe he was there. Even after that, part of me is still having a hard time accepting that all of this is happening.

I had mentioned in my last post that my RE said everything looked perfect at my first ultrasound (I had it at exactly 7 weeks). I left his office on cloud 9. Unfortunately, I later decided to do some research online and pretty much convinced myself that I was in trouble. The heart rate was 109. Some sources say that is fine but others say that is really low. That coupled with my complete lack of symptoms has kept me on edge.

For my own sanity, I need to learn how to get off Dr. Google. It is driving me crazy. I am going to try to trust my doctors. They know what they are doing. I am also focused on enjoying watching my baby grow. Isn’t he adorable!

Β hidden

Speaking of doctors, my RE actually already released me. I expected to stay with them longer but he said since everything looks good I am ready for a regular OB/GYN. After some research, I found one I think I am going to like. He specializes in IVF patients so if nothing else, he will know what we have been through. He works at a hospital that has the most advanced resources available in my area if something goes wrong during my delivery. There is a hospital that is a bit closer but we feel better withΒ this one. Lastly,he has a son named Jacob which is the name we picked out for our little boy. I know that does not matter but I thought it was kind of cute πŸ™‚

We have our first appointment on Tuesday. I am nervous but excited to meet him.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy Easter πŸ™‚ For your viewing enjoyment, I attached a picture of a cute bunny ❀ – Jennie


30 comments on “Nothing is happening over here

  • Jennie, being nervous during the first trimester is totally normal, especially after all you have been through to get your baby. I was like that with my pregnancy with my son and we fell with him 2nd try! Dr Google will do your head in so smart move. Your new RE sounds awesome. I hope you enjoy your appt and get another peek at bub to put your mind at ease. I bet the heart rate has sped up by then. Boys do always have a lower one too apparently (not sure if that is an old wives tale or not!). Happy Easter!

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  • I have conceived my 1st after 3 years and am 7 wks. I only really have nausea and cravings that’s it. I was worried but just going with the flow till my first Midwife appointment in just over a week. So yeah stop worrying I say.


  • Hang in there girl. My first u/s – baby had a heartrate of 102. I thought that was low but by the next apt, it was up in the 170’s. Now i’m 23 weeks!! I know it’s tough because I too, am still a pessimist and always worried. But you and baby will be fine. Also, ALL DAY nausea didn’t hit for me until about 8w. Trust me, those 1st trimester symptoms are right around the corner. Enjoy the calm before the storm!! πŸ™‚


  • I was a nervous wreck my first trimester with no symptoms at all. Didn’t even feel like I was pregnant. I still to this day (27 weeks) still don’t believe it but it’s true! Just have faith!


  • At 7 weeks, our boy’s heart rate was “lower” (110 range) when I saw my RE after I had a terrible bleeding/cramp spell. They really couldn’t say what was happening, but the next week it was much higher and more “normal.” If your RE says it’s fine, I’m sure it is! I’m proof that a low heart rate isn’t always bad (even with bad symptoms that shouldn’t be happening).


  • Great photo! Congrats. Enjoy!
    I can appreciate wanting even just a bit of a symptom. But count yourself lucky! You’ll likely have a great pregnancy. Xo


  • I didn’t have symptoms for quite awhile either. Don’t worry about it too much. ❀ I hear you about staying away from Google! That's good advice for everyone. πŸ™‚


  • Congrats on graduating to your OB! Big step. Dr. Google is the worst, but I know that we all do it regardless. And you know the old wives tale is that girl pregnancies = massive morning sickness while boy pregnancies = a breeze. I think it’s just a myth, although surprisingly among my friends it has been very true. Good luck at your appointment on Tuesday, same day as mine!


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