Meeting the Doctor

Published April 7, 2015 by Jennie

Today I got to meet the doctor who will (hopefully) deliver my baby! Up until today, we had just been to our RE. I got to our appointment about 15 minutes early thinking I would have a ton of paperwork to fill out. Apparently they had everything they needed from my RE and he was ready to see me right away. My husband had not gotten there yet so we spent about 10 minutes chatting about non-baby stuff while we waited for him to get there.

It was really nice to get to know my new OB/GYN. We are both Carolina grads (he did undergrad and medical school there) and we talked about life on campus as well as Carolina basketball (one of my favorite subjects!). I spent a lot of time researching different doctors and I feel like I made a good choice.

Once my husband got there I had my first abdominal ultrasound. I am so used to transvaginal ones (I got one every time I went to see my RE even before I was pregnant) I almost started taking my pants off which was a little embarrassing. Our baby measured at exactly 8 and a half weeks which is great since I am 8+4 days pregnant. His heartbeat is 165 which is much higher than it was at 7 weeks (it was 109 then). I still have a ways to go but I feel I can relax a bit more with each appointment.

I then asked him what felt like a million questions. He took the time to make sure I had all my questions answered. In addition to being a fabulous OB/GYN, he also has lots of experience with IVF patients (one reason why I picked him). I feel like he understands where we are coming from.  I mentioned to him my complete lack of symptoms. He told me that while it is uncommon to have absolutely nothing (not a sore boob in sight for me) what really matters is my baby’s growth progression and heartbeat. He also said that if I have not gotten any morning sickness by now, there is a good chance I may not get it at all!

My next appointment is in exactly a week.It seems like ultrasound schedules vary a lot from person to person. Some people do not get them until 12+ weeks but other people (like me) get them a lot more. I am not sure why but I am glad because the more I can see my baby, the happier I am.

Until next week!

16 comments on “Meeting the Doctor

  • That’s great news. I’m glad you found someone you like. At some point the ultrasounds will slow down….at least mine did. I had the nt scan at 13 weeks and then had to wait until 20 weeks for the anatomy scan. Good luck next week.


  • I’m so happy that you found someone you get along well with. I hope things continue to go well. I was confused about the tummy ultrasound at first too. 🙂


  • Congratulations!!!!! When I was seeing my OB at about 16 weeks she asked me if I had had any external ultrasounds – I said my first one here a few weeks ago & how I was so excited to not have to get undressed!! – she meant at a center to see the baby’s gender early!! Ha!!


  • This is wonderful news!!! My nerves got the best of me and I am moving my appointment to this afternoon instead of tomorrow. I should be 8w6d today. I love reading a blog of someone who is about as far along as me 🙂


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