Holding Steady

Published April 14, 2015 by Jennie

Today we had ultrasound 3. It is really cool to see how much our baby changes even within the time span of a week. I am 9+4 so he still kind of looks like a blob but is definitely growing! His heartbeat measured at 175 which is a little higher than last time and also right where it should be. This appointment was much shorter than last week since I did not have nearly as many questions. I still do not have any symptoms. I am starting to accept that I may just get through trimester 1 without any indication of being pregnant (minus our ultrasounds).

Next week I am scheduled to have blood drawn for genetic testing for our baby. I have already been tested to see if I carry genes for CF, Fragile X, and a few other things (I am not a carrier luckily). We did PGS testing of our embryos so some of this new test will be repetitive. Even so, PGS is not 100 percent and this new test can pick up things that can not be detected by PGS. I am surprised that they can run a genetic test with a blood draw this early. Has anyone else done this? My doctor said that some people choose to test and some do not. Everyone is different but we decided we want to know everything possible.

Life outside of baby stuff is starting to get more normal. I am beginning to relax a bit more although I think I will be somewhat nervous throughout the whole thing. I got behind on my work for the first few weeks after I found out I was pregnant. I am starting to get caught up which is good because my dissertation will not write itself!

We did have a traumatic event happen on Friday. My husband and I were walking our dogs (you can see pictures of themΒ here. They are both small. Out of nowhere, a dog that is about 70 pounds or so attacked our older dog, Cali. My husband was able to pull the dog off of Cali and wrestle it to the ground. Somehow he did not get bitten. Cali was in bad shape so we took her to the doggie hospital where she had several stitches and a drain put in. The vet said if my husband had not acted so quickly, she would be gone.


I have been so focused on my pregnancy and have forgotten how precious my furbabies are to us. We have had Cali for almost 10 years and she is like a child to us. I do not know what I would do if something happened to her. I am so glad she is ok!

I hope everyone else is doing well. I know lots of people are enjoying progressing pregnancies and many others have experienced recent frustrations with failed transfers. You are all in my thoughts! I love my blogging family πŸ™‚ – Jennie

34 comments on “Holding Steady

  • oh no! Poor Cali. That is so scary. I had a similar situation with my doggie and I know how frightening it could be. I am so sorry that happened to you. I am so glad that your husband acted so fast and Cali is going to be okay. Sending you lots of hugs. I am glad to hear the ultrasounds was good. It always makes me so happy hearing a positive story about infertility.


    • I am sorry you had a similar experience. We took Cali to the vet today to check on things and the vet told us that these types of attacks are more common than people would think. It is scary!


  • Poor puppy! I’m glad she’s ok!

    Not sure which genetic test/lab you’re using, and since you did PGS you probably won’t get any surprises, but my experience with the early genetic screen was terrible. I had to do it twice, and both times it was inconclusive! It was weeks of anxiety waiting for results and then there was always that little “what if?” hanging over the rest of my pregnancy. It’s really really rare though, from what I understand, but enough to scare me off of testing for any future pregnancies!


  • I’m so sorry to hear about your fur-baby!! That is just awful!! I’m so happy to hear she is okay and that you are almost 1/4 of the way to meeting your new family member!!


  • yikes, so scary! and i agree, the thought of something happening to my fur-babies breaks my heart. we have 3 seniors, so losing them in the next 5 years is pretty much 100% in the cards 😦 i had the verifi testing (one of several brands of non-invasive prenatal tests that’s offered starting at 10 weeks) – it basically screens for the 3 most common trisomies, and can tell you the chromosomal sex of the baby. for me, i did it because i knew if it was fine, i would feel comfortable declining an amniocentesis due to being >35 yrs old.


  • I’m so sorry to hear about your doggy! I’m glad she’s okay. ❀ I'm glad that things with baby are going well. We opted not to do genetic testing because I did a lot of testing pre-pregnancy and just cannot handle anymore news or afford more testing. Best wishes to you!


  • Poor baby. We did PGS and then also did the blood test through progenity. Our NT scan came back fine so because of that and my age, we had to pay out of pocket for the test. With all the IF stuff we have been through, the blood test offered us more piece of mind. Especially my poor worry wort husband.


  • Oh I am so sorry to hear about your dog 😦 The same thing happened to mine one time but it was a pit bull that got a hold of it, scared the fire out of me!!! Anyway, so glad to hear your pregnancy is going well I have my 10 week ultrasound tomorrow..yay!! But every step still makes me so nervous.


    • Yes it seems like these kind of attacks are more common than I thought. People should be more careful if they own aggressive dogs. I hope your 10 week u/s goes well. I am also nervous at every appointment. Hopefully we can relax a bit once we are past the first trimester.


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