Getting Close!

Published April 22, 2015 by Jennie

downloadToday I am 10 weeks and 5 days. Over the last week, I may have experienced my first pregnancy symptom!  I do not yet have a cute baby bump but boy do my pants feel tight! I went to our appointment today convinced that I had gained a ton of weight. I have actually only gained a pound. It feels like way more. I ordered the Bellaband (thanks for the suggestion Caroline) and it is amazing! It does feel weird to teach a class of 80 undergraduates with my pants unbuttoned but the band keeps everything in place and comfy 🙂

We had our forth ultrasound today as well. Baby Jacob was super wiggly so it was hard to get a good image but everything look great. He measured at about an inch and a half and heartbeat is still going strong. I did my big blood draw which includes all standard first trimester screenings and a host of genetic tests.  They warned me they would have to take several vials of blood but IVF has pretty much made me immune to any type of medical poking and prodding so it did not bother me. A lot of this is a repeat of the tests I took before IVF as well as our genetic tests from PGS. Some of the genetic tests are new though.

In a week we go to a Maternal Fetal Specialist who will give me a detailed ultrasound and interpret all my blood work. They will be able to give us our results that day when we are at the appointment. If everything looks good, my doctor told me my risk of a miscarriage will be as low as it can be. I am nervous but the thought of getting to that point in a week is very exciting. My biggest fear right now is I will miscarry or find out something is wrong with our baby. While we can never be 100% sure things will be ok, I will feel so much better next week if everything goes ok. We are so close!

After that, I will get a Spina Bifida blood test at 14 weeks. This is a concern as well but I have been on prenatals for 5 years so I do not feel like our risk is too high. I asked my doctor about being Rh Negative (most people are positive but I am not). All I have to do is get a shot at 28 weeks and at birth if our baby’s blood type is different. He said it is not a big deal at all.

This week I experienced my first friend pregnancy announcement since becoming pregnant myself. My reaction was surprisingly similar to how I have reacted to pregnancy announcements over the last year before I got pregnant. First, I felt jealous that she was able to get pregnant the old fashioned way. Next, I felt relieved that someone I care about did not have to go through anything related to infertility. Lastly, I was happy for her and I am excited to have a fellow pregnant friend. I will say this kind of reaction differs to how I was at the beginning of my infertility journey. Around year 2 and 3 I could not handle being around anyone pregnant. It was too painful. I got over that around year 4. I will always feel guilty for not being there for my friends who got pregnant during that time where I was not able to handle it.

Some people have asked me how Cali is doing (she was attacked a few weeks ago). Last week she got her drain removed and on Friday she gets her stitches out. She does not have to wear that awful neck collar if we are home to supervise her. She looks a little strange since she is missing large patches of hair and needs to go to the groomer (we can not take her for a few more weeks) but is doing great. She is one tough cookie! – Jennie


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  • What’s your symptom? I’m curious! I can totally relate to your reaction to the pregnant news. Ugh. We’re too hard on ourselves about our feelings. Re the rhesus, you only need to get the shots if baby daddy is rh+. I’m rh- too, but I knew my donor was also rh-, so we didn’t bother getting it. Fun to see baby all wiggly!


    • My ‘symptom’ is I think I am bloated. This may be why my pants are tight. My pants fit in the morning but are way too tight in the evening. I would much rather have a bump instead! Part of me feels guilty because everyone I talk to tells me how much they would like to get through a pregnancy with zero nausea, soreness, fatigue etc! You are right we do need to determine if my hubbie is Rh+ or -. He had lots of blood work done when we did IVF so I probably just need to look it up or something. I think you are right that we can be too hard on ourselves at times. It do not think people can understand how it feels unless they have been in our shoes.

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  • So glad your reports are so good. Have you relaxed and started to enjoy this experience yet? Once he’s here you’ll be worrying about him for years so try to enjoy every minute you can. 🙂

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  • I am Rh Negative also and just asked about this very thing. They told me the same 28-32 weeks I believe unless you have some type of bleeding episode at which time they would go ahead and give it to you. I am so glad your appointment went well!! I have my 11 weeks appointment this afternoon.

    I am so glad to know your doggy is doing well 🙂


  • Congrats, you’re 1/4 of the way there! I am also Rh- and have gotten the Rhogam shot with my miscarriage. Was told if I have any bleeding from now on, to go to the ER and get a shot immediately. Otherwise don’t think it’s a huge deal…


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