Things are starting to get real!

Published May 26, 2016 by Jennie

Today marks 30 weeks! I  can’t believe I just typed that. Everything still feels surreal. We have been on this journey so long and it’s crazy to think we are just a few months away from meeting our babies.

Not much is going on right now but I feel like this is the calm before the storm. While waiting for the coveted title of mom I did obtain another title a few weeks ago….Dr! I was originally not going to go to graduation but my husband talked me into it. I am glad he did. It is cool to think that my babies were with me when I got my PhD. Here is a picture of graduation 🙂


This is actually the only picture of me that has been taken since we did our transfer in November. I am really weird about stuff like that.

People keep asking me how I am feeling. Sometimes it is hard for me to answer that. We have been through so much to get pregnant and it does not feel right to complain. Even so pregnancy (and in my case a twin pregnancy) is challenging and I think it is okay to talk about those challenges. With everything going on, I am still thankful for every day this pregnancy continues and my number one goal is to keep them cooking for the next eight weeks.


Carpel Tunnel – My worst symptom right now by far is carpel tunnel syndrome. I never knew this could be a pregnancy thing before I experienced it. My hands hurt all the time and my left hand is worse than my right (I am left handed). It makes everything from brushing my hair to lifting things to grocery shopping a challenge. I have started doing a lot of things (like typing this post) with my right hand but even that takes a while. This has been frustrating because I have a lot of stuff I need to do and its hard to get things done. I do wear a splint but it does not seem to help much.

Swelling – OMG the swelling is crazy! It doesn’t help that I live in the South and it is summer. It has gotten a lot worse the last few weeks despite me drinking water like it is going out of style. For example, at 28 weeks I had gained 28 pounds, which is exactly what I was shooting for (research shows that 28 lbs by 28 weeks greatly reduces the likelihood of preterm labor for twin pregnancies). After that, I cut back on calories but kept up protein. Even so, I gained almost 7 pounds between weeks 28 and 30. My dr said this is almost all due to swelling. My concern is that this can be a sign of preeclampsia especially if it is paired with other symptoms. My dr is watching things closely and I am taking my blood pressure twice a day. So far so good.

Movement – I have mentioned in previous posts that movement has been an issue. It is getting better but nowhere where I would like. If I followed kick count guidelines I would be calling the nurse on call everyday. Even so, they are always active during every ultrasound and are growing on target. At 29 weeks baby A was 2 lbs 9 oz and baby B was 2 lbs 14 oz. I freaked out a bit because they were different but MFM said that is normal and they will have growth spurts at different times. As long as the difference does not exceed 20% we are good!

I did find out that the babies respond to loud noises. At a recent appointment my doctor’s office was testing the fire alarm. The babies went nuts. It was awesome! Everyone else in the waiting room looked annoyed and I probably looked like a crazy person sitting there with a big smile on my face. I also recently went to a baseball game where they had fireworks and they responded to that as well.

Hope my readers in the US all have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and everyone is doing well! – Jennie


21 comments on “Things are starting to get real!

  • Yay! Getting so close. A massive congratulations on achieving your PhD. I have a number of friends who have been down this path so I realise what a remarkable effort filled journey it is to get there. Well done! What is your area?

    As for carpel tunnel, my sis-in-law had a terrible (no pregnancy) case of it and they were talking surgery but she has managed to resolve it with regular yoga. I realise that is probably a bit tricky to do with the babies in board but maybe there are some exercise that are still possible for you to do? Worth checking out. She wears no splint anymore! So happy for you. Xx


    • Thanks for the congrats. It feels so weird to be done with school. My area is public policy with a concentration in microeconomics. I actually got a wonderful job offer but decided to decline it and focus on the twins full time (I do plan on gong back on the job market at some point). It was a really hard decision to make. I am ready to use what I have learned and make some money but right now the babies are my number one priority. I will be teaching an online class in the fall so at least I will have something.

      As for the carpet tunnel, thanks for the recommendation. It is not a pregnancy thing you hear about a lot but it has been the biggest thing for me. I have tried massage but I will look into yoga as well. Thanks again! Also look forward to your next post!


  • Hi, massive congratulations, it’s really fantastic to hear your progress. AND that you managed to get your Doctorate as well with all that stress.

    Something came up for me when you said you didnt have any photos of you. I do understand that everyone feels differently about photos of themselves and especially in this case. My experience having finally conceived after 6 years was that being pregnant was all so surreal ALL the time it was so hard to believe that any of it was really happening. I was still not convinced I was having a baby right up until the moment she was plopped on my chest, and I guess that’s why I just stared in shock at her and didnt say a word, no warm kind words of welcome, nothing, just stared…Anyway, I really like looking back on my pregnancy shots, my lovely round belly. It did really happen. I did it. I made it happen, I carried her, I gave birth. my baby really was inside me and theres the proof, plus its nice to show my daughter who is 3 now the photos and ‘try’ to explain that she was inside my tummy. So my suggestion is to consider taking photos and never show them to anyone, just for you and perhaps your children one day. Just a thought.


    • Thanks for the congrats! Also I have had a lot of people say the same thing about pictures. It’s probably a good idea. I hired someone to do newborn shots and she encouraged me to do a few maternity ones too. I think I may do that. I also don’t feel like babies are really coming. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has felt that way. It still doesn’t feel real. It’s strange how much our infertility struggles still affect me.


  • Oh man I remember the carpal tunnel. It made everything difficult from eating to sleeping. To give you some hope, my symptoms pretty much disappeared when I was put on hospital bedrest and then completely went away as soon as the girls were born. Sleeping slightly upright and icing my forearms sometimes brought some relief. Oh and acupuncture also helped me. But overall it sounds like overall you are doing very well! Remember in the last few weeks of pregnancy to be very easy on yourself and rest as much as you can. I had trouble slowing down and I think it contributed in part to my pre-e diagnosis and having the girls so early (33 weeks). So rest,rest, rest 🙂 And read Juggling Twins – I can’t remember if I recommended it to you before. It is an easy, quick and entertaining read that also had some very practical tips for surviving newborn twins. My only other tip is the Twin Z Pillow -which I am sure I’ve mentioned before (? Lol baby brain – I can’t remember). Anyway it was our most prized possession when the girls were small and we had to bottle feed them at the same time.

    And congratulations on such a monumental achievement! Getting your PhD amidst fertility treatments and a twin pregnancy is no small task 🙂


    • Thank you SO much for all the advice. Right now there is nothing more valuable than getting information from people who have been there. I have read many books but not that one yet. I will order it from Amazon today!
      Thanks for the tips on the carpel tunnel. Also I am trying to take it easy. Our semester is over so I’m not working right now which helps. I also decided to not get a full time job right after graduation. Even so, I do need reminders to slow down. My husband keeps telling me that as well. It’s hard for me to accept help but I need to learn to do that.
      I don’t have the twin Z but I got a my breast friend twin (I got a super good deal one one). I’ll keep my eye out for a twin z as well. Thanks again!


  • Congrats on your graduation! Quite an accomplishment 😊. 30 weeks, so hard to believe. I’m 27 and right there with you, very surreal to me. I am documenting a lot with pictures do I’ll know it wasn’t all a dream. Take care, I need to post an update soon myself. 😮


  • Big congratulations for your PhD and the 30 week mark! I know what you mean about feeling weird about complaining about pregnancy symptoms after going through so much to get there but it’s totally fair enough I reckon. The carpal tunnel sounds hideous.


    • Thanks! I hope you are doing well and keeping the nausea is staying away! The carpel tunnel is a total pain mainly because it makes doing anything a challenge but in the long run its a small price to pay😄

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  • I feel you! My twins just turned one on Sunday and I still remember the pain from the carpel tunnel being SO bad! I wore splints and they seemed to help but nothing made it feel much better until I had my girls! And the swelling… it will only get worse, but all worth it! I never heard about the 28 lb rule but since I gained a TON while pregnant, that makes sense on why I went full term! 🙂
    Congrats on your graduation, that’s amazing! Good luck over the next 8 weeks. Hang in there, it is hard but you can do it!


    • Thanks! One of my favorite things now is to hear from moms like you who have been there. It helps assure me that this is doable. I have 50 days until my scheduled c-section and it feels like that is forever. I would be so thankful to go to full term of course!


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