We did a photo shoot!

Published June 13, 2016 by Jennie

So anyone who has ever met me may be surprised by this. Normally this kind of thing is not my style. I do not think there is anything wrong with maternity photos at all (in fact I always enjoy looking at ones that people post). I am just not a picture person. In fact, I mentioned in my last post that up until this point, I had only taken one picture since we did my transfer, and that was at graduation.

Several people have told me that in the future I would regret not having any pictures of my pregnancy. They are right. Even so, I did have to get over some vanity issues. I feel like I look awful. I have experienced a TON of swelling (I can only wear flip flops and crocs that are a few sizes too big). I have also gained almost 40 pounds (yikes!!!). This is actually within a normal range for a twin pregnancy at this point (I am 32w4d) but I feel huge!

It also recently occurred to me that we started our first IVF cycle almost 2 years ago. That means with the exception of a few months after my D&E, I have spent the last 2 years either pregnant or on crazy IVF meds. It has been a while since I have felt like myself!

I did not expect to enjoy this photo shot but I ended up having a great time! Part of that was due to our fabulous photographer, Claudia. She really put us at ease and made us feel comfortable. She is also very talented. You can see some of her other work on her website and facebook page.

Another thing I really liked about our photo shoot is it showed me that my husband sees right past all my petty vanity issues (either that or he is a really good actor).

Well here are some of the pictures. They were taken at 32 weeks pregnant with our twins.

Claudia also wrote a really cool post on her own blog where she talks about our story and shares a few more pictures.

Some people may notice we have some baby names in the pictures! I had mentioned in an earlier post that I decided to let my husband name the babies and I did not want to know the names until they got here. Well he still named them but I decided to go ahead and find out what he picked. One challenge with this pregnancy is having it feel real. I think this is primarily due to our history. Knowing their names has helped with this. I also really like the ones he picked (if  I didn’t I would have told him and he would have picked something else).

If anyone is curious, the boy is named after my husband’s favorite football player. The girl is a little trickier. He won’t admit it, but I think he got the girl name from the most recent season of the Bachelor. I watch every episode (please don’t judge my guilty pleasure) and sometimes he watches with me (although he says he only watches it to comment on how dumb it is). I think he liked that season’s winner.

I guess that means that I have these people to thank for our baby names! I am good with that 🙂

Hope everyone is doing well! – Jennie


37 comments on “We did a photo shoot!

    • Thanks! You were actually one of the inspirations for my pictures (yours were simply amazing!). I am now so glad I will have something to remember this pregnancy. I also love the names my hubbie picked out. It made him so happy to do that and it turned out well.

      I hope you and your little one are settling in ok!


  • You look fabulous and I’m so happy you decided to do pictures! Great name choices by your hubby! You’re closing in on the end! Sending you lots of good thoughts!


  • #swoon!

    Getting to the point of sharing like this … frankly I still remember that even as my oldest is about to turn 20! I am so happy for you guys and wish you all the happiness in the world!


    • Thanks! Also I am glad I am not the only one! Sometimes it is nice to indulge in a guilty pleasure. I was also disappointed that there was no new episode last night. I look forward to my mini escape every week!

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    • I like that mantra (embrace the beauty of your bump). I am going to remember that! Of course I am super grateful for this pregnancy but sometimes it is hard when I look in the mirror and feel like I do not recognize myself. Even so, I am really happy with how the pictures turned out. I am so glad we will have them to look back on 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  • Beautiful photos!!! 💜
    Lauren…I wanted that name. DH didn’t agree lol. Name associations 🙄 Luke and Lauren is perfect. I love it. Wishing you the best remaining few weeks xo


  • Jennie, he really did do a good job with the names. You have to get a little baby Kuechly jersey (if you haven’t already)! So happy you love the photos. Cannot wait to meet your littles!


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