Coming home part one

Published July 5, 2016 by Jennie

After an 11 day stay in the NICU we got to bring one of our babies home. While it feels like it has been a long time, it could be worse. When my water broke they told me to expect the babies to stay in the NICU until around my due date (August 4th). We have also met several other NICU families who have had to endure much longer stays. Two days ago I met a NICU momma who was on day 98 with no end in sight.

Lauren spent her time in the NICU learning how to eat and gain weight. She received phototherapy for jaundice and did not develop any other medical issues.

Parenting in the NICU is tough but the nurses are amazing. The twins have received great care and the nurses always take the time to let me know the babies are doing. The NICU is also supported by some wonderful volunteers who do all kinds of nice things for the babies. For example, they made them the cutest 4th of July hats (Lauren is on the left and Luke is on the right).

We are thrilled to have Lauren home and hopefully her brother will soon join us. To come home, he needs to outgrow bradycardia and be able to eat entire feedings without a tube.

I had never heard of bradycardia before the twins were born but I have since learned that it is extremely common among preemies; so much so that it is more expected for them to have it to some degree than to not have it at all. Luckily it does not cause any long term problems and Luke’s case is very mild (he has about 1 to 2 self-resolved bradys a day). If he has not outgrown in in the next week or so, they will start treating it with caffeine.

Eating wise he still has some work to do but is getting better. He usually eats about 2/3rds of his feedings with a bottle and the rest through a nasogastric tube. Sometimes he does even better and we can avoid using the tube for the entire feeding. Other than these relatively minor issues he is healthy. All in all we are thankful that they are both doing so well.

Fingers crossed we will soon have another homecoming. Now that Lauren is home it is going to be harder for me to get to the hospital and I sure do miss our little guy.

25 comments on “Coming home part one

    • Me too! It is going to be a challenge with one here and the other one still in the hospital but I would rather him stay there than come home before he is ready. Also they do not seem to think it will be that much longer 🙂

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  • Yes must be so hard to manage with one at home and one in the hospital. It is hard to leave the house at all with a newborn sometimes so totally get how that must be for you. You must feel split in too. So pleased both bubbas are doing so well. That is awesome. Hopefully little Luke will be home with you guys soon. X


    • That is exactly how I feel! The NICU told me to just do my best and try not to feel guilty about it since I can not be in two places at once. Hopefully once they are both home this will be a distant memory.

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  • I have been thinking of you and waiting for an update as I’m sure it’s near the bottom of your busy list!! So excited Lauren is home!! I often think about how we would split our time if our babies don’t come home together which seems to be so common with twins. Looking forward to more updates on your journey! Congrats again, mama! Xoxo!


  • So happy Lauren is home and hope Luke is not far behind. Good luck juggling time between the two as I am sure it is going to be difficult but keep in mind it will not be for long. Sending you hugs & little snuggles for the babies. xx p.s. LOVE the hats!


  • So happy your baby girl is home! My baby girl came home first, and we were shocked a day later when visiting my baby boy that he was coming home! It will happen before you know it and a year later you will be looking back at pictures and it will seem like yesterday and like a lifetime ago all at once! We look back at our NICU stay as a blessing in disguise! Congrats!


  • The week that Amelia was home and Audrey was still in NICU was so difficult, driving myself to and from the hospital bringing Amelia with me while trying to recover from the c-section was hard – and I was always so emotional having to leave Audrey behind every night. You are so strong and it sounds like you and your husband are handling everything so well, but make sure to take the time to take care of you!

    .It’s nothing short of a miracle how quickly they grow and improve in the NICU, it may seem that Luke has a long way to go but hang in there it will happen faster than you think. And in the end your time in the NICU will feel just like a blip.

    PS they are beautiful!


      • Hey I keep meaning to update
        Luke has been home for 2 weeks. We are in survival mode. 2 babies is tough! All is good except she is having some feeding issues. Both gaining weight but she spills a lot of milk when she drinks from a bottle. I really hope she is ok.


      • So grey to hear! And I totally know survival mode. Two is a handful! Do you have some help during the days?
        Spills milk as in spits up or just spills out of mouth?


      • Yeah my mom is here and it’s been a huge help. It’s still a lot of work! Hubbie has no pto.
        And it’s spills out of mouth not spit up. It dribbles out the side of her mouth when I feed her. Tried different nipples. She’s still gaining about half a pound a week (right on track) but her bib is soaked at the end of each feeding. It’s formula too.

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      • That’s so good your moms there!
        It’s great she’s gaining weight on target. That’s a great sign. But mention to your doctor incase there’s smth going on inside her mouth!


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