Twin Photo Shoot

Published August 25, 2016 by Jennie

Today the twins are 9 weeks (3 weeks adjusted). The last 9 weeks have been a blur but we have tried to take some pictures. I do not have any other form of social media so this is my first time sharing any pictures.

People have asked how we are doing with all of this. It has been really hard. The thing I struggle with the most is accepting that they are preemies and right now are not going to act their age (they are acting like 3 week olds as opposed to 2 month olds). I constantly worry that due to being preemies they will struggle meeting their milestones. They had their two month checkup and the doctor said they are good for being 3 weeks adjusted but I still worry.

They are gaining weight well, especially the boy (he gained 40 oz in 3 weeks). Our little girl has really bad acid reflux (we even had to do a barium swallow study) but even with that she is also gaining well (about an ounce a day).

Here are some pictures we have taken along the way.

This is them at about 3 weeks

I don’t remember how old they were here but the shirts are just too cute!

This is the girl on the way to her first doctor appointment. I can’t believe how much she has grown. This is the last time we tried to put socks on her. She hates anything on her feet and kicks them off almost immediately. When we went to do her swallow study they put an id tag on her foot, which she kicked off. I got yelled at by the radiology department for bringing her back there without id. Oops.


As I mentioned, she has really bad acid reflux and is a fussy baby in general (that might be an understatement). We found this onesie that fits her perfectly.p13

Taking them out in public is a crazy endeavor. Even a quick walk is an event. It seems like everyone we pass stops us as asks a million questions.Β  I had no idea that twins were so interesting. Here is a picture of the first time I took them out together.


Our fabulous photographer, Claudia, did a newborn shoot (she also did our maternity pictures). She has the patience of a saint and even came to our house because I was too nervous to take them out to her studio. She also has a great facebook page and webpage. These were taken at about 5 weeks.

We also had some pretty cute bloopers. We tried to get a good picture of her with a tutu on but she was not having it. I should have known better. On the left is what I was going for (original image here). She is on the right.

Also when we put them together she seems to like to attack him. Poor guy.

Sometimes though they seem to be ok. This is a picture I took of them while we were hanging out and binge watching random shows on Hulu. Sometimes it seems like she NEVER sleeps so this is photo proof to remind me that it does sometimes happen.

Until next time. – Jennie

23 comments on “Twin Photo Shoot

  • Those pictures are PRECIOUS and the tutu picture is hilarious. My son was born full term, but our nephew was born the exact same day and he was 6 weeks early. When they were babies there was a bit of a difference with milestones, but by the time they were 18 months or so you’d never know the difference. I’m sure it’s stressful, but don’t worry, they’ll catch up!


  • The twins are too adorable! My daughter was 5 weeks early and we never adjusted her age and she always met her milestones right on time. I wouldn’t worry too much even if they reach them later. My daughter is 4 years old now and is in the 90th percentile for height and weight and had no problem going to preschool. I wouldn’t worry πŸ™‚ too much at all.


  • Beautiful pictures! The tutu one is so funny! I also love the one of them together where she looks like she is biting him he he. She is going to be a feisty little lady. Poor wee thing suffering with the reflux, it is dreadful coping with it as an adult so it must be so uncomfortable for her. I hope you find a way to manage it. I hope you are feeling well. Thank you for sharing your precious photos with us. xo


    • That’s funny you say that because even in the NICU the nurses kept telling me she was feisty. I see what they mean. It does keep us busy though! I’m hoping she will outgrow the reflux but if not we will keep trying different things. I’m doing on but also pretty overwhelmed.

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  • Oh bless they are so amazingly adorable. Sorry to hear about the reflux, that is tough!! At least when there is a known reason you can work on doing something about it. Those bloopers are the best and I love some of the pics of them swaddled and snuggled together. Well actually they are all cute to be honest. Hope you are doing ok. Life is intense with two xx


  • Although my son was born on time and healthy he developed a stomach issue around 3 weeks (pyloric stenosis) and had to have surgery. He weighed less at 3 weeks than he did when he was born so after all was said and done he is essentially a month behind other babies and I just when I start to get worried he isn’t doing a certain thing like other babies he surprises me and does it! although it’s not the same situation I bet your sweet little ones will be just fine πŸ™‚ The worry never stops though. I LOVE the pictures, they are so cute!!


    • I’m glad he’s doing ok. I’ve heard of that condition. Both our babies have had at least one episode of projectile vomiting so we had to rule that out (especially with him since it’s more common with boys). I know it’s scary stuff.
      I’m glad you like the picture and thanks for the encouragement. You are right though, the worry never stops.


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