Back To The Hospital

Published September 16, 2016 by Jennie

We have had a lot going on this week. I am glad I have this blog so in addition to connecting with other bloggers, I have a way to keep friends and family up to date with what is going on.

Last weekend Lauren had a fever. I took her to urgent care. They sent us right to the ER. At the ER they did all kinds of tests. The kept us in the room with her for everything except the lumbar puncture (also known as a spinal tap). It was really hard for my husband and me to stay in the waiting room while they did this.

Once they were done, the doctor came and got us. She looked upset. Apparently they could not get what they needed from the spinal tap. They decided to call in another doctor to try it. While I was not happy that they had to do it again, I understand that sometimes things do not work as planned and I am glad they were honest with us.

We had to leave the room again for the second attempt. It felt like it took longer. Luckily it worked that time. They then took a bunch of blood, put in an IV, and admitted us to the hospital.

The first night was rough. She obviously did not feel good and made sure everyone knew that. The next day my mom called me to let me know Luke (her twin) now had a fever. I knew the drill. She took him to the ER. While there, I got a nurse to watch Lauren and went down to take care of Luke while he was in the ER.

They did all the same stuff to Luke that they did to Lauren. Luckily, they only had to do one spinal tap as it worked the first time. This doctor did not make me leave the room. I am glad. While a spinal tap is no fun, it was worse in my mind.

The hardest part about his time in the ER was when they had to put in his catheter for a urine sample. While they did it, he looked right at me. I have never seen him in so much pain and it broke my heart. I would have done anything to make the pain go away. It was really hard not to fall apart.

Unfortunately they could not get what they needed from his catheter. Before they did it again they went ahead and got his blood drawn and IV put in. The second time they did it, I held his hand and put my face on his cheek so neither one of us would have to see what they were doing.

After they finished all the tests, they admitted him. He had to stay in a different room than his sister but luckily they were able to stay in rooms next to each other. Having them both there was still difficult. They were both supposed to have an adult in their room at all times. Unfortunately I have not yet figured out how to be in two places at once. Thankfully my parents were there to help.

While in the hospital, I found out that while doctors and nurses are great, you really have to advocate for your kid(s). For example, one night Luke was screaming his head off and obviously felt like crap. He is normally a very quiet baby and I could tell he was miserable. They did not want to give him Tylenol because they do not like to give it for fevers under 102.1. His was 101.8.

If they knew him like I did they could see he needed it. I decided to open his door and keep it open so everyone could hear him scream. Within a few minutes they decided to make an exception and he got some Tylenol, which did help him feel better.

I also found out that hospitals like to assume worst case scenario for pretty much everything. One day a doctor listened to Luke’s heart and heard a murmur. Prior to this I have not worried about their hearts. When I was pregnant I had a very detailed fetal echo on both (they do that for all IVF pregnancies) and all was normal. Also, as far as I know, he has not shown any other symptoms of heart issues, although I acknowledge I am not a medical doctor so I may not know what I am looking for.

Anyway, they decided he needed an echo cardiogram. This was scary. The tech took forever. When I asked her if it looked okay, she told me that she couldn’t say anything and that the pediatric cardiologist would look at the test and come talk to me that day. I worried about it all day but the cardiologist never came. That evening I asked one of the nurses about it. She pulled up the record and said that the cardiologist noted that everything was normal. I do not know why they never told me.

Today we finally all got to go home. It has been a long week. I hope we never have to go back. Here is a picture of them before all of this happened. It’s nice to see at least one of them smiling, especially since I watched them be miserable for the last week. I am still trying to get a picture of both of them smiling at the same time (hopefully that will happen soon). Today they are 12 weeks (6 adjusted) and were about 10 weeks ( 4 adjusted) in the picture.


Some people who saw pictures from my last post actually emailed me to ask if he has been evaluated for torticollis. He has and does have it. It’s likely from being breech. We are working on treating it and it should get better. He also may end up with a cranial cap. We were supposed to get that checked out this week but rescheduled it for next week.

I hope everyone had a less stressful week! Hopefully things will calm down for us and we can get back into our routine. – Jennie


22 comments on “Back To The Hospital

  • Oh wow that is all really stressful. Poor bubbas. I am glad they are both ok now. Good work on opening that door a little to get the Tylenol for Luke. You really do need to be there to advocate for your child, I agree. We had H in hospital at 9 days – thankfully avoided a spinal tap but they were talking about doing one – and it is freaky. I don’t know how you managed it with two. Poor bubbas. Poor mama! Sending hugs x


    • Two is hard but we manage. I am so glad we have help. So sorry your LO had to go too. I am glad you were able to avoid a spinal tap. You are right, it is freaky. I know they were both tired of being poked and prodded.


  • I’m so glad your little ones are ok. I work in in-patient pediatrics/PICU and see this quite frequently. It’s not a fun experience for parents or their little ones. Good for you for advocating for your babies, as I know it can be hard to do. But I truly believe parents know their children best and it it in our best interest as health care professionals to LISTEN to them! Best wishes to you now that you’re back home. They are soooo cute!


    • You are so right. The doctors and nurses do a wonderful job and I am so thankful for that. Even so, I know my kid best and I can tell when things are not right. I always appreciate it when we can find a doctor or nurse who is willing to listen to us. It makes such a difference. Thanks for the well wishes. It is good to be finally home.

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  • There is nothing worse than a sick baby! I’m so sorry you had to go through such a rough week, and hope your kiddos feel better soon. We have been to the ER a few times for febrile seizures caused by high fevers with one daughter and I can’t imagine having her twin in the hospital at the same time. Having infant twins is one of the most challenging things I have ever been through.. Hang in there! I’m sending all of my positive thoughts your way!


    • I’m sorry you had to deal with seizures. I really appreciate the support. I am really trying my best to take care of them but sometimes I feel like I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. I also feel bad I did not take her directly to the ER (we went to urgent care first).


  • Sounds like a hard week but I’m glad everyone is OK. You are one tough momma! My little guy has torticollis too, we’ve been doing PT for the past two months. I’ve been doing stretches with him at home and it’s amazing how quickly he’s gaining range in his neck. Children are so resilient!


    • I’m glad he’s doing better. We recently met with an OT before all this happened and she said the same thing. Kids are so resilient. Also the sooner you start therapy the better. It looks like you also started early, which is good. He doesn’t Ike his stretches but I hope that as he progresses they become less uncomfortable.

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  • Oh I am so sorry to hear your sweet babies were in the hospital. That is the worst because you hate that they feel bad and hate everything they have to endure while there. I had a hard enough time with one so I can’t imagine two. My little guy had the helmet (starband was the brand we had). It made a huge difference and took a few months. He only had it for mishappen head though. But there is another baby in his daycare class that had it for torticollis and head shape and it made a huge difference for him as well.


    • I’m glad the helmet helped you little guy. Luke also has a misshapen head. If he does need a helmet hopefully he won’t have to wear it that long. I think their dr also uses the starband but we will find out for sure when we have our appt this week.


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