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Milking it!

Published January 29, 2014 by Jennie


I never though that choosing milk could give me a mild panic attack but it totally did.  There are so many options it can make one’s head spin.  To start with I will share my original milk status.  For as long as I can remember, I have purchased and used skim milk.  I rarely drink it by itself but I do cook with it and have been known to make a mean hot chocolate every once and a while that calls for milk.  I decided to investigate milk options to enhance fertility and improve my overall health.  My primary nutritional goal is to find foods that are minimally processed which usually means I can pronounce all the ingredients.  Here are the contestants.

Skim Milk (Of course nutrition facts can vary from brand to brand).


I did not realize how much protein was in skim milk and it is also low in calories.  Calories are not my primary focus but I do want to make sure I do not get too many or too few throughout the day.  Unfortunately, several sources say that skim milk is not good for fertility.  Apparently, it can actually be worse for you fertility wise than higher fat milk (who knew?),

2% (I know I am skipping a few)



This one has the same amount of protein about and more calories.  I also really do not like the taste of 2% (it tastes like cream to me and I can not even consider switching to whole milk).  Additional studies also this low fat milk can lead to fertility problems.  Specifically, it can interfere with ovulation.  According to my many many medical tests, I have no issues with ovulation but I am starting to think that these tests do not always give you a complete picture and if there is a risk, it is probably best to stay away from this.

Coconut Milk (again there are many varieties!)



I am going to stay away from milk with flavors but I though I would keep the nutrition information in there for fun.  Calories look good but I am not sure where all the protein went :(.  I also know there are about a bazillion health benefits of coconut and coconut oil.  It can also help enhance fertility (although I am not sure if that applies to coconut milk but I would think it would).  This could definitely be an option.

Soy Milk (Going to skip this one because I am avoiding soy since many studies suggest it can mess with your hormones and fertility).

Hemp Milk (Unsweetened of course!)


Nutrition appears similar to coconut milk and I did not find anything negative about it fertility wise.  I saw a lot of sites that could show you how to actually make it at home but I do not think I will try that.

Almond Milk (Nutrition is from almond breeze milk)



Looks about the same.

There are also other kinds I did not look at (like goat and raw milk).  Overall, it looks like traditional milk has the most protein but may negatively impact fertility.  I did not see much of a difference between the alternatives.  I decided to pick up some unsweetened almond milk at Trader Joe’s.  I actually really like it!  I also like that it lasts much longer than traditional milk.  Since my husband and I do not drink much, we often end up throwing a lot away even when we buy half gallons.  I may try coconut milk next or take advice from someone who can give me a little direction and good information.  I very much appreciate suggestions and feedback!  Who knew that something as simple as milk could be so complex.