Websites and Blogs for Cooking/ Nutrition

100 Days of Real Food: I just love this blog!  It is about cutting out processed foods and gives tips you can actually incorporate into your daily life.  You can also find several easy to make recipes and tips to help your loved ones get on board.

Food Babe: While you need to take this blog with a grain of salt (it can be a little overdone), it does provide good information to help you learn what is really in your food.

Fooducate: This site allows you to look up nutrition information and ingredients for foods.  You can actually create an account and set up dietary preferences/ restrictions to help you find food.  There is also a mobile app with a scanner that I use all the time.  Of course you can not look up everything but it does come in handy.

Minimalist Baker: This site shares countless recipes with 10 or less ingredients (most are fewer than that).  This site has allowed me to make foods at home that I used to buy at the store.  While sometimes it takes a while to get started, I usually find out that making stuff at home is cheaper and it is nice to know exactly what is in my food.  They also have recipes that are gluten free and vegan.

Oh She Glows: This blog is centered around vegan recipes but it is so much more than that.  I am not vegan but I have founds some amazing recipes here.  It also provides resources for fitness and information on eating disorders.

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