They’re Here!

Published September 3, 2014 by Jennie

photo (2)

Today is like Christmas, New Year’s, and my birthday all wrapped up together.  The last time I remember being this excited about getting something in the mail was when I was a kid waiting for the postman to deliver my copy of Highlights Magazine (I was kind of a nerd back then)!  I can not believe all my drugs are FINALLY here.

Some people are able to make one call and have their drugs arrive the next day.  Not me.  It took about 8,432 calls to my doctor, pharmacist, and insurance company to get these drugs to arrive on my doorstop (okay I exaggerate a little but not much!).  I was so excited about them getting here that I did a drug photo shoot before I put the ones that need to be kept cold  into the refrigerator.  I was supposed to start these a while back but I am not going to focus on that anymore.  I am excited to move forward and see what happens with this crazy process.

I think today it finally hit me that we are doing IVF.  We planned it a while back but it never seemed real until now.  I am scared, anxious, nervous, excited, and happy all rolled into one.

I do not have another doctors appointment until next Friday.  Until then, all I have to do it take my Lupron.

Please, please, please let this work.

– Jennie



39 comments on “They’re Here!

  • I’m always amazed when I look at these pictures! It’s just insane how much medication goes into an IVF cycle. I’ll be thinking of you, and following your journey every step of the way. Good luck with your lupron!


    • Thanks! I think that is why things hit me today. Seeing all these drugs is a little overwhelming. I hope the Lupron is not too bad. I have had people tell me they had no reaction and others tell me it made them feel like crap.


  • I think I have a similar picture from my kitchen island! Ha Ha Ha! I’m so happy your drugs got there! Lupron is not so bad…I always say, don’t borrow trouble…it always manages to get there on it’s own! Hopefully with the complex process of getting the drugs, actually taking the drugs will be a breeze for you! (((hugs)))


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